Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things that have been happening:
Computer asploded
Got a new computer
New computer asploded
Got a new, new computer
Writing an essay for Supervillains and Philosophy (look for it at a bookstore near you, soon!)
Heavily in debt, gonna sell my body for money
Watching Heroes
Playing Changeling
Played Spore
Played a French prostitute
Made fig bruschetta for mock-Iron Chef
Got my driver's license

Things I've been thinking about:
Whether Magneto is blameworthy
Where baby ants go to school (Brian's a jerk)
What the project of metaethics is
The realization relation
Why poop is brown
Whether putting on weight will keep me warm

Things that are yet to pass:
Halloween party
End-of-semester paper-writing-frenzy